Leaders and Enders – 2 Quilts in the Time of 1

Okay, so maybe not exactly 2 for the time of 1.  But, so far on my Leaders and Enders journey, I’m seeing some progress on a second quilt in between piecing a few others.  So, the concept behind Leaders and Enders is easy, if you aren’t sure what it is, Bonnie Hunter has a great informational post about it here.  A few months back after I read this article I started using some 2.5″ square scraps as leaders and enders and made them into these 16 patches:

16 patches - Leaders and EndersI think I’m up to 25 now?  I’ve been making these Scrap Vomit style, not caring what I pick (except if they are the same fabric) and sewing them together with no rhyme or reason.  I make 2 patches into 4 patches into 8 patches into 16!  Mindless.  And very easy to do if you have a bin of squares next to your machine ready to sew.  I’m actually running out of squares quite often and having to stop and cut more of them up.  I’m really thinking I might get one of those fancy cutters like an Accuquilt or a Sizzix to make that part faster.  I have a ton of scraps I could easily make into squares.  Anyway, I’m hoping to make 66 of these 16 patches for the project I have in mind which is inspired by this quilt I saw on Pinterest:

Lovely, isn’t it?  Anyway, that’s the plan with those.  I will keep leading and ending along.  I am so pleased with how easy those are I’ve been thinking about options for when this project is finished.  I got Bonnie’s book Adventures with Leaders & Enders in the mail last week and got around to checking it out the other night.  I really like the explanation Bonnie gives about how she sorts her scraps and the different sizes she cuts them into.  I’m going to have to get some more clear bins and label them to start this process.  She cuts her scraps as she’s working on yardage projects.  This would help me keep my scrap bin to a manageable size.  It’s running over right now…

I’ve been working on a quick quilt using Fat Eighths of Boho, the new line from Urban Chicks that will be out this Spring.  I picked it up at quilt market in Houston this fall and I wanted to do something quick that will show off the prints.  I hope to use it as a sample in my shop (opening brick and mortar in Ann Arbor soon!).  Here’s a not so amazing iPhone photo to show you the progress.  I’m really lazy about getting the camera out.  I need to get one of those magic WiFi SD cards…

Boho by Urban Chicks

The pattern is pretty nice, it uses almost the whole fat eighth (9″ x 22″).  There is a small piece left over and I’m only using 30 prints from the line.  Hopefully there will be more progress on it this weekend.  

Also this week Debbie from Esch House Quilts and I were invited to speak at the Log Cabin Quilters guild meeting this week out in Kalamazoo, MI.   It was a lot of fun talking to the ladies about modern quilting and showing off some of our own work.  They had about 80-100 ladies at their meeting which is a lot more than in our cozy Modern Quilt Guild.  Everyone was very welcoming and enthusiastic about our talk which was really fun.  I’m really glad we were asked to join them for an evening.

I’m also glad that I have NO plans this weekend.  (Last weekend was my birthday so we celebrated and cleaned all weekend.)  This means I will have more sewing to show off to you soon!


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4 Responses to Leaders and Enders – 2 Quilts in the Time of 1

  1. I love your Leaders and Enders quilt blocks so far.
    What a fantastic idea. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.
    Happy Birthday for last weekend – mine was the 13th!

  2. calicocat41 says:

    This is great and would love to make it in the future. I have other quilts I am making right now 🙂

  3. Rose says:

    Sewing onto the next pair of squares saves thread, as all gets used. I had many small half square triangles and after pairing them up, sewed them the same way. Nothing goes to waste.

    The quilt with so many assorted blocks is really colorful.

  4. Ashley says:

    this is such a great idea! i have to start keeping my scrap squares beside me 🙂 i love your inspiration quilt!

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