Pink Castle Fabrics .com Grand Opening

Whew! What a lot of work putting a website together is. Granted, I’m sure if I wasn’t already running a shop I would have a lot more time to get the website together. Oh, and I can’t take all the credit, my boyfriend Jason really did all the work. But the inventory…lame. So, to celebrate it’s done-ness I am putting on a week-long SALE. Something new on sale every day for a week ending next Sunday. Pretty cool, huh? And I decided to reward those who stock up with Free shipping over $50 for US and reduced shipping Internationally.

Click on my little logo to go to the blog and read about it!

Also, make sure you sign up for my new contest Widget to WIN IT!

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3 Responses to Pink Castle Fabrics .com Grand Opening

  1. Flying Blind says:

    Well done Brenda & Jason x

  2. nicke says:

    let the shopping begin! xo

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