Ruby + Vintage Modern + Bliss… aka Ode to Bonnie and Camille

Peek a Boo! It’s me! Lookie what I made:

I can’t tell you how nice it feels to get some sewing time again. My life had been consumed the past few months with all the Flea Market Fancy hubbub. I am happy that I ended up doing a preorder but I’m also happy it’s all over…

Okay, about the quilt! First of all, I love Bonnie and Camille’s Ruby line. The colors are beautiful together. Red and Aqua with some Green and Gray. Very fresh, vintage, but also, modern. I made sure that I kept a Fat Eighth pack from the line right away for a Bee quilt. Then, I see their new line, Vintage Modern pop up on the list of things to order from Moda…and of course I love it! I got some precuts in this week and I opened up a charm pack to check out all the lovely prints right away and I thought….oooohh I think this might match the Ruby. Of course it does. Perfectly. So, I took a simple checkerboard pattern and just sewed 2 charm packs together, 1 Ruby charm pack and 1 Vintage Modern. It’s the perfect amount for a baby size quilt and just 4 charms left over. I added some (so so super soft) flannel from one of Bonnie and Camille’s other lines, Bliss for the backing.

Looks pretty cool, right? I didn’t want to disturb the way the top looked so I decided to try the no binding method. Rita over at Red Pepper Quilts has a very easy tutorial on this method —> Find It Here. Worked like a charm. It was just the look I was going for.

All of Vintage Modern will be in the shop in May. I still have some precuts from both Ruby and Vintage Modern in stock. I think this same quilt made bigger with 2 layer cakes would be awesome (and also easy)!

Hopefully, this trend of getting a little sewing time with continue! I’m always inspired by all the fabrics and Pinterest and blogs; and I miss sewing regularly with my friends. I was happy to get something accomplished at our Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild sew in today. I know I have other projects to finish first but this was a nice quick and easy interlude 🙂 And I’m always inspired to sew more when I have a fresh finish!

On a side note: notice the photos look so much nicer with my new Sony NEX-5N camera. I was so tired of my old point and shoot not showing off the hard work I put in. Finally! Leaps and bounds better. Well, I mean, obviously…lol. I’m going to have to re-photograph all my old quilts now.

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8 Responses to Ruby + Vintage Modern + Bliss… aka Ode to Bonnie and Camille

  1. Danny says:

    Love it! The colors are so great. I wish I would have bought more Ruby and Domestic Bliss when they were first out. Now I’m almost out of both!

  2. nicke says:

    super cute brenda! you look so happy holding it up! i bet it feels good to be sewing again as opposed to just cutting fabric for other people! xoxo

  3. Flying Blind says:

    Oooh it looks lovely Brenda!
    Hurrah for sewing time and beautiful finishes x

  4. Jacey says:

    It’s lovely, and I’m so glad you got to actually sew!

  5. fi says:

    Hi Brenda, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award as I really enjoy reading your blog. I won’t be offended if you’d rather not take part, and I hope you don’t mind being nominated. All details are on my blog. Thanks, fi x

  6. Kay says:

    Gorgeous colours, I love them together.

  7. Peg Botham says:

    Ooh I think it’s gorgeous! Love the colours they go really well together, nice job there. :0) xx

  8. Esther says:

    Oooh, I just love this quilt. It’s simple and beautiful. Terrific!

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