Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) – a mini Review

Well, what a response to the Pezzy Prints Jelly Roll giveaway on last post. It ends in a few days so you still have time to enter!

A few weeks ago I bought myself an early Christmas present. I have been wanting Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) for a while now so I bought it! YAY! I haven’t exhausted all the options in this program, yet, so I’m only calling this a mini review. For those of you not familiar with EQ7, it’s quilt design software. It comes with an extensive block library and an easy interface to drag and drop and color and re-color. Sounds cool, right?

First, I installed the software. No problems there. Next, I purchased some of the Stash updates (which are fabric libraries that come out each season) and began to install those. I had a lot of problems there. None of the discs were loading. I Googled the problem and found little help on forums. I finally decided to call the company. I was expecting to be on hold forever but nope! A nice woman answered and sent me to the tech team who emailed me instructions on how to fix the problem. Worked like a charm!

*** IF you are having problems installing your EQ Stash Packs, try this! ***
*** Remember to install them in order from the earliest date (Spring 2009 – Fall 2011) ***
Turn off User Account Control (UAC):
* Go to START > Control Panel.
* Click “Classic View” in the left column.
* Double-click Users.
* Choose “Turn user account control on/off.”
* Uncheck it.
* Restart your computer, if necessary.

I tried to come up with some amazing quilts all by myself. It was not happening. Computer Programming was my first major in college so, I think I’m above average in computer literacy and I couldn’t figure it out. I then went to YouTube to search for tutorials and there are a bunch that look good but they are in Spanish. The Electric Quilt company has some on YouTube but I think they are more to advertise the product. Then I found the video tutorials IN the program…lol, how convenient! Of course I didn’t think to look there. I watched them all and the program clicked! Believe me, there are still things I have questions about but I was able to mess around with it enough to come up with this quilt:

I was able to put this together in one Episode of Dexter. The thing I liked best was being able to easily change colors. I changed that to this in 2 minutes:

This is great if you aren’t sure what colors to choose. AND if you have the stash packs (or scan and upload fabrics from your own stash), you can use those in the program to REALLY see what it looks like:

This one is using Empire Weave in Dandelion, Dot to Dot in Aqua, Sundae Stripe in Lime, and Free Spirit Solids in Nugray. Pretty cool!

Then, once you have the quilt created you can print the pattern for your reference (which did help) and it will print fabric requirements for the colors or fabrics you chose. Since I ended up strip piecing this top it told me to cut almost twice as much fabric as I needed. So, I’d double check that next time. I did end up finishing the quilt top this weekend but it’s been so yukky out, I haven’t gotten a photo. Here’s a sneak peak of the top in progress:

I will show you the whole top soon, I am really pleased with how it turned out. It was very easy to put together. I used a Bella Solids jelly roll to sash it, which made it even quicker!

SO, bottom line, should you buy EQ7?

– Has a block library already
– Easy to use (after watching the videos)
– Can easily resize and change colors if you aren’t sure
– Great if you are making a pattern, even has exporting pictures for publications

– Most blocks and appliques included are very traditional
– Fabrics included are very traditional

If you are someone who always improv pieces a quilt, this is probably not for you. EQ7 DOES let you create your own blocks which is very helpful if you are writing a pattern or just like to make your own blocks. It’s MUCH easier than using Photoshop or another program for blocks and changing colors. Here’s an example of a Mega Man block I created for a pillow I’m putting together for an Xmas present:

SUPER EASY. Personally, I love it! I have a few new quilts already being designed. If you like to make modern takes on traditional blocks or create your own blocks and make block based quilts, you’ll love it. I say, Buy It!

There will be more reviews as I use more features of the program!

I will be selling EQ7 in my shop. If it’s out of stock, I’d be happy to order a copy especially for you, just send me a convo!

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4 Responses to Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) – a mini Review

  1. Great review! I’ve heard other people say that the fabric requirements are always VERY generous 🙂

  2. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for your review!! I have been wondering about this, thinking it would be fun, but not sure if it was worth the money or not. Add another item to my Christmas list I think! : ) Hubs will LOVE that! Thanks again!

  3. Lene says:

    Any more recent comments now that you’ve had almost a year to work with the software?

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