Pink Castle Fabrics Giveaway – Pezzy Prints Jelly Roll

Welcome newcomers from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and loyal subjects follwers…

Today, I am giving away a Pezzy Prints Jelly Roll from my shop, Pink Castle Fabrics!

This has 40 2.5″ strips of every long awaited color of the new Mono Pez or Magic Bean print by Sandy Klop for American Jane!

The giveaway is closing December 16th at 5pm PST. I am going to draw a random number for a winner. Leave me a comment about anything you’d like! NO hoops to jump through. πŸ™‚ If you want to follow my blog, of course I would love that, or like me on Facebook of course I’m okay with that too! And don’t forget to favorite my shop on Etsy! (you know, if you want to!)

AND for reading this far down go ahead and take 10% off any purchases you make in my shop while the giveaway is going on! Use the coupon code BLOG10. Treat yourself to something nice for the Holidays.

The giveaway is open internationally as well! Good Luck and welcome to all my new friends!

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653 Responses to Pink Castle Fabrics Giveaway – Pezzy Prints Jelly Roll

  1. Jan says:

    This is a great line, thanks for the give away.

  2. Jeannette says:

    Ooh Pezzy prints! What a great giveaway!

  3. Deb says:

    Believe it or not, a Pezzy jelly roll is on my Christmas wishlist. I would love this prize. Thanks so much for the chance! Enjoy your holidays…they seem to be sneaking up awfully quick!

  4. Beth says:

    EEK!!!…The new Mono Pez is on my wishlist!!! Thank you for the chance!!!

  5. Denise says:

    Pezzy prints, what a fun little stash to have. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. flowerpress says:

    Wow, the pezzy prints, I love them but haven’t ever had any. I’d love to sew with these, thanks πŸ™‚
    I’m giving away too!
    p.s. Love your snow!!

  7. Kelly B. says:

    love love love this one Brenda! I’m trying to be selective about which giveaways I enter, but I can’t resist those Pez prints!

  8. jennifer says:

    I’d love to win this, thanks so much for the chance, happy holidays!

  9. amy dunn says:

    Loving the pezzy! Thanks so much! Come visit me, I’m giving away one of my sewing kits. πŸ™‚

  10. Nicole Ferguson says:

    What a fun print! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Yay, no hoops thx! This is a great print, thx for the chance:)

  12. One of my favorite new lines! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Heather says:

    I so love those Pez prints! Thanks for such a great giveaway, Brenda!

  14. Kelly says:

    i love these pez prints, and i’d love even more to get my hands on them!

  15. love the design, thanks for the contest.


  16. Debbie says:

    This is a fantastic giveaway! Love those pez!

  17. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Vicki W says:

    These are really fun fabrics!

  19. Brittani says:

    I’m a quilting newb so this whole giveaway day has led me to some awesome blogs! I’m glad I found yours : )

  20. What a great giveaway, I love pezzy! Thanks for the chance!

  21. jacqueline says:

    I’d love to win! Great giveaway

  22. I love this print!! Thanks for the chance, Brenda!

  23. Awesome giveaway!!! I love Pez and I love this fabric!

  24. Lisaleh says:

    I LOVE this print. Yes please, jelly roll for me!

  25. Kati says:

    Love these! They are on my “want” list. A jelly roll would be great!

  26. Ellen says:

    Pezzy is made of awesome! thanks for running this πŸ™‚

  27. Tanya Barrett says:

    I love the fabric, sew generous!!

  28. kimberly says:

    Fun giveaway! Happy holidays!

  29. Penny G says:

    I love your choice of fabrics. This giveaway is fantastic.

  30. Brianna says:

    I didn’t know about the Pez prints back when they originally came out, so I am so excited to use them in my projects this time around. Loving the color options in the jelly roll set!

  31. Kelly says:

    Lovely lovely pezzy prints πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win them!

  32. Jill C. says:

    Wow! I haven’t even touched this stuff yet and I have so many plans for it! I love your shop, thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Oooh I’d really really love some Pezzy Prints… Wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  34. Alician says:

    oh my gosh i want it! perfect blenders, Thanks!

  35. Laura Jane says:

    BEAUTIFUL jelly roll!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  36. Maria Luis says:

    I love that fabric!!! thanks for the chance to win : )

  37. Love the pezzys as you already know. πŸ™‚ A jelly roll! Very cool.

  38. Melissa says:

    This giveaway day is incredible! So much generosity out here in blog land! Thank you!

  39. Deanna says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Bailey says:

    Oh a jelly roll!

  41. Anita says:

    Thanks for making this easy! Those prints are gorgeous…I saw them on a blog a couple days ago and was amazed! i love the variety too.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  42. Sherry says:

    such cute fabric!!

  43. Jaclyn Davis says:

    oh pick me!

  44. Margaret says:

    How generous you are–I have seen these fabrics used in quilts and always admired them. Thanks for the chance to see them myself!

  45. My little one is OBSESSED with Pez, so this would be kind of perfect for her! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  46. Cherie says:

    LOVE this line, so pretty! Thanks for the chance!

  47. Erin says:

    Oh, yea! I’ve had my eye on this print for a quilt for my daughter. Good luck to me!!!

  48. Ana says:

    Great giveaway, thank you so much!

  49. Kirie says:

    The fabrics are beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  50. Liz Taylor says:

    I love this fabric! So cool.

  51. elana says:

    i’m drooling over these colors! it’s the first time i’m seeing them!

  52. Lynne says:

    I’ve never used a jelly roll before. Great giveaway.

    And, thanks for keeping things simple. No extra hoops needed this time of year. πŸ˜‰

    Great blog. Have a good day!

  53. isewcrooked says:

    I’ve been hoping that Santa would deliver Pezzy anything to me this year! Thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway. Off to check out your shop.

  54. Oh yes please, I love the Pezzy prints

  55. Lovely choice for a giveaway, thank you!

  56. Candice says:

    So cute- thanks~

  57. I love Pezzy!!! They are so bright and fun!!

  58. Hannah says:

    I’d love a jelly roll! Fab print

  59. Beth R says:

    These are gorgeous!!! Love this line!!

  60. Robyn says:

    I live in Ann Arbor, too! Fun! I happened to stop by your blog without realizing you’re with the A2MQG – I saw your posting on the wall of Maker Works last week. I hope to get a membership to MW for Christmas. πŸ™‚

  61. katie says:

    seems like this would be great for binding!

  62. Susan says:

    Incredibly generous giveaway! Thanks!!

  63. Karina says:

    Ahhh! I love these prints! Thanks for being willing to ship to Canada! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  64. Lucinda says:

    Great give-away. Hope it’s mine!

  65. jen says:

    i LOVE GIVEAWAYS! not sure what else to say other than that my floors need to be swept

  66. Holly says:

    Pretty fabric!

  67. Paloma says:

    Hi Brenda!! Well, you know I love your fabric store and any little bit of fabric you have at your place. I love that you’ll be able to ship internationally. A Jelly roll can always come my way as “mutilated fabric” so that you know. Happy Holidays!!

  68. JerryR says:

    Cute fabric! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  69. Robyn says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. mn2nm says:

    Fantastic giveaway – these are such great prints. Thanks so much and happy holidays!!

  71. erica says:

    really fun fabric, it could be used for so many things, thanks for the chance to win

  72. Faye says:

    Such a nice giveaway – thank you!

  73. Love those pezzy prints. Thanks for the chance to win Brenda. Hope your little guy is feeling better!

  74. Katey says:

    This is adorable!

  75. Bets says:

    I am excited to make lots of use of the new sewing machine I got for my birthday/Christmas making fun things for the little one we’re expecting this summer – these fabrics would be fantastic to use!

  76. I like you on Facebook and that is how I found out about this Pezzy fun giveaway! How generous!

  77. jessicac says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.. Need some cute fabric to beef up my stash!

  78. Joy says:

    Oooh, so pretty!!

  79. Vicky says:

    This is such an interesting line, I like some of the colours on offer, like the grey and the teal.

  80. Kritta22 says:

    WOW! That’s such a fun fabric!

    Thank you!

  81. Nicole says:

    eee, such a wonderful giveaway πŸ˜€ Thank you for the opportunity!

    senjosuki at yahoo dot com

  82. Gill says:

    I love this fabric line! If I’m not lucky enough to win I will buy myself some!

  83. Jacey says:

    It’s so great of you to share the Pezzy Prints, Brenda! I’m so excited about this line. You know I follow you here, on twiter and of course, on etsy and flickr!

  84. Limor says:

    Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway. I love those prints.

  85. AurΓ©lie says:

    So beautifu! Thanks for the give away!

  86. Mary Smith says:

    What a great set of fabrics! I don’t think I have ever seen them all together like that. πŸ™‚


    PS – I’m a follower already

  87. Taryn says:

    Love the fabric. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  88. craftytammie says:

    this is such a happy print! i’d love to win!

  89. Kristy says:

    You have a great shop and I’m already a fan! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  90. amy says:

    Those prints would look great in a quilt for my nephew!

  91. Amber says:

    Wowza! This is a fantastic giveaway prize! I will be hoping and finger-crossing for this one πŸ™‚

  92. Valerie says:

    Ho ho ho! Thanks for an awesome giveaway (and no hula hoops, that’s a good thing, my hula days are long over….)

  93. Marika says:

    Fun fabric ! Thanks for this chance πŸ™‚

  94. Nancy says:

    I love the Peezy prints! Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  95. laurel says:

    oh this would be SO MUCH FUN!!

  96. lynn says:

    ooh super excited about your giveaway! thanks!

  97. montse says:

    Terrific giveaway! Love your shop and the AMH Folksy Flannel bundles that you have.
    Merry Xmas and thanks for sharing.

  98. Kirsten says:

    Great giveaway!

  99. Holly says:

    Thanks for the chance to win, and the coupon code!

  100. karen says:

    I love the colors in this fabric. Thank you for the opportunity to win your giveaway! Happy Holidays to you and your family ❀ xo

    krencamp (at) gmail (dot) com

  101. Trina says:

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  102. Barbara says:

    Love these Pezzy Prints…great for purses, bags.

  103. Yay for pezzy prints — what a fabulous thing to giveaway! Thanks!

  104. Gali says:

    great fabrics.
    thank you

  105. Noga Lewis says:

    Beautiful fabric! I’d love to have it. I’m also a follower of your shop

  106. Lyanna L. says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win. I love that fabric!

  107. Such great prints, I don’t know how I haven’t gotten any for my stash yet. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  108. What a great giveaway. Thanks so much!

  109. audrey says:

    Love the pez!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  110. moonyfran says:

    Hi! I founded you through 3KF, this is a great giveaway πŸ™‚

  111. wendy says:

    thanks for the chance! I love Giveaway week as it introduces me to so many new bloggers

  112. elizabethdx says:

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway! I’m looking forward to getting to know your blog and your etsy shop — i love the name “just a bit frayed.” Hope you have a great holiday.

  113. Lori says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  114. Jill says:

    What a great giveaway! I love the Pez print and the mono is so versatile.

  115. Aletta says:

    No hoops! WOW! Thanks for a chance to win!

  116. AngieSue2 says:

    I love Pez AND the fabric it inspired!

  117. linda says:

    thanks for your giveaway it looks great !!

  118. Cradke says:

    The fabric is sooo pretty! Thanks for the giveaway.

  119. I love this line of fabrics! Thanks for offering them!

  120. Sheetal says:

    can’t wait for the pezzy prints to be available in yardage! I missed out on them in the first round… off to use the 10% off in your shop now!

  121. ann says:

    great giveaway! I’m new to your blog – happy holidays!

  122. Christy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Today I’m decorating our Christmas tree.

  123. Hueisei says:

    Lovely fabrics! Thx for the chance to win ^^v

  124. Rachaeldaisy says:

    OOOHHHH Pezzy Prints Pleeze!! Imagine a whole quilt of those!!! Thank you for the super duper giveaway!!

  125. MelanieO says:

    Love that fabric! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  126. I love me some jelly rolls. ooh, know what sounds good? An almond butter strawberry sandwich. Nommy

  127. Kristy says:

    Thanks for the opportunity and no hoops…luv ya for that.

    I’m participating in Giveaway Day too

  128. Margaret says:

    Love the pezzy prints! Thanks!

  129. Leigh says:

    I am so excited for this fabric! I think it’s my favorite ever.

  130. Rachel says:

    I Love the pezzy prints and have been hoping for a comeback for them. YAY for the giveaway!

  131. ewenique says:

    That’s a nice (and new to me) jelly roll.

    p.s. you come across as really warm and fun in your post. i like.

  132. Wendy says:

    Ha, I love Pezzy!!! I’d like to get a new car in 2012 – but, we’ll see!! LOL.

  133. Karen Dorey says:

    So lovely! I want it under my Xmas tree!

  134. Suzanne says:

    Awesome giveaway. I would love to have this jelly roll.

  135. cheryl says:

    oooooh, so pretty!!

  136. Shannon C. says:

    thanks for the giveaway! those fabrics are so cute!

  137. Brevis says:

    I like your giveaway.

  138. A quilt in the making and a coupon! Thanks, brenda!

  139. rachael says:

    these prints are fab! thanks for the chance to win πŸ˜‰

  140. Kristy says:

    I love the pezzy Prints

  141. MC says:

    I love those bold print fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. Anne says:

    Love this jelly roll, thanks for the chance to win!

  143. Elizabeth J says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Mary says:

    What a gorgeous prize – thanks for the chance

  145. Jennifer says:

    Awesome, this fabric is so cool!

  146. Rachel Locke says:

    I’ve been dying for some Pez!! Awesomeness
    Thanks for the chance

  147. Marcia R says:

    Cool pezzy. Thanks for the lack of hoops. πŸ™‚

  148. Amy says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  149. chibidani says:

    Those prints look so fun!

  150. lisa swinney says:

    thank you for an awesome give away!

  151. tiara says:

    these colors make my day a little brighter!

  152. kimberly Gorr says:

    Awesome giveway! love the print

  153. Sarah says:

    Lovely pack!! hmmm whatever I’d like. . . Squirrel!!

    Thanks for the giveaway
    Sarah @

  154. Shana Putnam says:

    Ooh how pretty. I would love to win these of course. I love strips.

  155. Angela2 says:

    Love this print, Thanks for the giveaway!!

  156. kate C. says:

    ccol! I love these prints!

  157. Pam T. says:

    What a fabulous giveaway. I love that new line! Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  158. Kylie C says:

    I love the Pezzy prints, thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  159. Amanda says:

    I love this line of fabric and I’ve been wanting to try the round floor pillow made with a jelly roll. This would be perfect!

  160. What an excellent giveaway! I’d really love to win. Merry Christmas!

  161. bee says:

    wonderful prints! thanks for the giveaway – there’s all sorts of great things out there.

  162. Jowyn Jenson says:

    Great giveaway hope I win, would make my day!

  163. Hannah says:

    These are some great basics. Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. Lesly says:

    Well that-there giveaway is a hot property! Somebody has to win and I hope it’s me! thanks for the chance!

  165. Lindsay says:

    I’ve had my eye on this fabric for a while. I’d love to win this!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  166. Amber H. says:

    You know, I love this fabric, but I absolutely HATE pez candy. Not sure why but I find it to be really gross tasting.

  167. Christina says:

    Love this line!

  168. Jayme C says:

    That Pezzy print is on my wish list!!! Love it!!!

  169. JustPam says:

    This is such a fun print. Thanks for the chance to win. I am a follower.

  170. Erika says:

    comment: my neighbor is super annoying

  171. Elke says:

    Hi, thank you for the chance to win this great fabrics. I would like to make a quilt for my daughters.

  172. Holly W says:

    what an awesome print and a great giveaway!

  173. Meg says:

    I can never get enough of these prints–love them! Thanks for the generosity, Brenda!!

  174. Valerie says:

    I am seeing Pink Castle all over the place today – brilliant! This jelly roll would be soooo loved and welcomed by all my other fabric…just in case it’s me it comes to I’d want you to know I’d take good care of it :).

  175. Linda E in AZ says:

    Love those fabrics – bright and modern!

  176. Hollie says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  177. anna says:

    so pretty!

  178. Anne says:

    I have never seen a purple cow.

  179. Erin says:

    I am excited for this giveaway. I am new to quilting and don’t have a lot of fabric, so this would help me out a lot and I love the colours! thanks!

  180. Judi says:

    These prints are so fun! I love the bright colors πŸ™‚

  181. Suzanne says:

    Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  182. Darci says:

    Oh I can’t wait for this to come out in yardage! I would love some of it for now to play with. Thanks πŸ™‚

  183. Sarah T. says:

    I think this would make such fun binding! Thanks

  184. Jackie says:

    I’d love a chance to win! I placed my first order with Pink Castle Fabrics a couple of weeks ago and was very pleased.

  185. Kersten says:

    Oh, I love these Pezzy prints!!!

  186. @pril says:

    These fabrics remind me of pez candies! Do they smell like them too? πŸ™‚

  187. lorraine says:

    ive never used a jelly roll before..the possibilties are endless! πŸ™‚ i hope i win!

  188. What a fun line! I also have seen Pink Castle all over the place today. Thank you for the coupon and this opportunity!

  189. That print is so fun! I make burp cloths and they’d be so much fun for trim!

  190. Bente says:

    funny fabrics, would love to sew cushions out of them.
    Thanks for the chance!

  191. Katie says:

    I love this print! I hope I’m the lucky winner!

  192. Marci Girl says:

    Oh Brenda, pick me! I love this fabric and don’t own a single jelly roll! Have a happy holidays!

  193. Lauri says:

    I just love, love, love these prints. Thanks so much for the give away Have a great holiday season.

  194. Would love this Jelly roll, fingers crossed!

  195. Katy says:

    Oh how fabulous, thank you for being so generous :o)

  196. OH i’ve been looking to get my hands on some of this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  197. leigh7911 says:

    What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance. πŸ™‚

  198. krystina says:

    Cool! No hoops! Thanks for the chance to win this.

  199. Patty D says:

    (Love your blog title!) Happy Holidays!

  200. Keely says:

    this fabric is amazing!

  201. Esther says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks so much!!

  202. Rachel says:

    Love the colors! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  203. Sasha says:

    Fantastic giveaway. I have my fingers crossed.

    Have a Merry Christmas

  204. Vicki says:

    this would make the cutest 9-patch quilt, with some solids added in. πŸ™‚

  205. Yes! I’ve been wanting some of these prints! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  206. Michaela says:

    I love these Pezzlets!

  207. Stacy says:

    Pretty! Thank you :0

  208. Anne says:

    I’ve got my 12yo sewing with 2.5″ strips, so this would make a cool gift for her. Merry Christmas!

  209. Melinda says:

    Fab line! I need to make a primary color boy quilt so these would be a perfect addition!

  210. Flying Blind says:

    I can;t wait to get my hands on these pezzies – even if they are the ones I am paying for!!!

  211. emily says:

    Awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚ I follow the shop on facebook. πŸ™‚ Hope you have a wonderful day!

  212. Jamie says:

    Love this fabric! A nice retro/mod feel to it!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  213. lisa m says:

    yummy stash builder

  214. Michell says:

    Thanks for the fab giveaway

  215. Christina says:

    Ohhhhh, lovely! Count me in! πŸ™‚

  216. Emily says:

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! I’d love some more fabric!

  217. KimT says:

    I love the single color pez prints – wonderful give-away!

  218. Bertine says:

    This is a fun line! Thanks for offering it!

  219. Mikelle says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  220. Alli says:

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! πŸ™‚

  221. Ashley G. says:

    Love Pezzy prints! I want a steam mop for Christmas and fabric

  222. Jeni says:

    Oooh, yum! Love those prints! Great giveaway Brenda! πŸ™‚

  223. dakewlone says:

    Nice! Thanks!
    (And I saw you’re in AA… very cool!)

  224. Morgan says:

    Wow, so many people giving away such lovely prints that I’ve totally resisted buying … maybe I should update my Christmas list πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  225. greta says:

    its like a modern retro print! perfect for some kitschy items

  226. Lisa Marie says:

    These prints are so cute and would go with everything!

  227. Doina says:

    Great giveaway! Please count me in!

  228. Trish says:

    I really love this print! I’d love to pair it with matching solids…how pretty would that be?!

  229. Christine says:

    I love rain! Hows that for a comment about anything? LOL!

  230. Lotti says:

    Oooh I love pezzy prints, great giveaway. I love your shop and would love to treat myself but all my money has to go towards Christmas at the mo, i’m sure I will be paying you a visit in the new year though

  231. Miranda says:

    got to love those pezzies! thanks so much!

  232. Laia says:

    I love this fabric !!!! is so cute !!!

  233. Charlotte says:

    absolutely LOVE the colors and the design!! πŸ˜‰

  234. Jada says:

    I just found your shop through another blog’s giveaway! I love it!

  235. KeriCan says:

    So cute! Thank you! roguekeri at live dot com

  236. Michelle Balletti says:

    I sure do like those pezzy prints!! I commented on another blog about those same prints!!

  237. LindseyR says:

    I think I just did a little jig, lol, love these prints! Thanks for a chance to win!

  238. Kathy says:

    So cute-love it! Thanks!

  239. semiorganizedchaos says:

    what fun fabric!!

  240. Chloe says:

    Yes please! I also checked out your blog and am now a follower via Google Reader πŸ™‚

  241. Melissa says:

    Awesome giveaway! The fabric is cute!

  242. Mary says:

    I am thinking about what a cute quilt that would make to display some vintage Pez containers on!

  243. Rachael Spencer says:

    I love the bundle!

  244. pam w says:

    such a fun print

  245. Sara says:

    I love the pez!!!

  246. delia says:

    Neato; thanks for the giveaway

  247. Ramona says:

    I just love these pezzies. Such fun!

  248. blue.crab says:

    Oh, these would be so useful. Thanks for the chance!

  249. Alicia says:

    The quilt I’m makin in my mind with that fabric is amazing!!! Hope I can make it for reals!

  250. svetlana says:

    I love this fabric, thanks for the chance to win.

  251. Debuko says:

    Great giveaway:) I follow your blog.

  252. bethany says:

    I can see a pretty quilt made out of that!! πŸ™‚

  253. Katy (Lethargiclass) says:

    EEEEEEEeeeeee! That’s me squealing with delight LOL!

  254. Leslie C says:

    This is a beautiful print – thanks so much for offering it in the Giveaway! So many possibilities…

  255. JustPam says:

    This fabric is just so cute!

  256. Becky M says:

    Love these prints! I wish my lqs carried them!

  257. Kacey P. says:

    besides crafting sites, my favorite website is Thanks for the chance to win!

  258. Sarah says:

    No hoops! But what to say? Umm … I just “liked” my brother’s link on facebook – a paper he contributed to was just published in Nature magazine!

  259. Barbara says:

    I just love this fabric! Too cute. I would give it a loving home. After which, I would cut it into strips with a sharp blade. I can only love it so much, then I have to kill it.

  260. erin says:

    Thanks for the chance- great colors in a cute print!

  261. Oh my cuteness, these colors are gorgeous! Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  262. WandaFish says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous line! Love it πŸ™‚

  263. Lynne says:

    This Follower would like to thank you for the opportunity to maybe win that bold fabric!

  264. Lindsay Titsworth says:

    That jelly roll is FABULOUS!!! Thanks for the chance!

  265. Ellen Ban says:

    What a great prize, Brenda! Thanks for a chance to win some Pezzy.

  266. Pez are a candy/toy that we all can relate to. The fabric looks so fun and colorful.

  267. Dell says:

    Love the Pez prints. Thanks for the giveaway

  268. Dawn P says:

    Thanks for the chance! These fabrics are great πŸ™‚

  269. Brigette says:

    This fabric is on my wish list!

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  273. racergirl1313 says:

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  274. Love this print! Random thought – My friend at school used to collect Pez toys, they were so fun! I think the Betty Boop one was my favourite!

  275. SLS says:

    What wonderful fabric! So eye catching. I would love to win, thanks for the chance.

  276. Laura says:

    Haha i’m doing PCF giveaway too. LOVE that pezzy roll!

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  279. Jenny says:

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  280. Tong says:

    Hi Brenda! You have no idea how excited I am for the Pezzy prints! They are so happy looking! I can’t remember if I already ordered a jelly roll from you (I don’t think I have), but I’m just gonna enter myself again because I’m greedy like that =P Thank you for the giveaway and for your awesome etsy shop!

  281. Delores Wagg says:

    Dec. 16th is my birthday, so maybe I’m destined to win a giveaway!!
    Love your Pezzy Prints.

  282. mrscarla says:

    AAAAHH! What cute fabric! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  283. Tanya says:

    Love this fabric, I could see myself making up a quilt!

  284. Courtney says:

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  288. Holly says:


  289. Kristen Powell says:

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    totally rocking fabric line. Thanks for the giveaway.

  291. michelle m. says:

    oh dear! how can i compete with 212 comments!
    i have never used a jelly roll and have always wanted to. pezzy prints are so cute too!!

  292. now that is a fun jelly roll!

  293. Sherrie says:

    I think your blog name is the best I’ve seen so far!

  294. Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  295. Kristin Orth says:

    Oh my, I would LOOOOOOVE this! I didn’t even know it was coming out!

  296. Mindy says:

    Awesome giveaway… those pezzy prints!

  297. I would love to win this fabric.

  298. Meg says:

    I love NO hoops because I’m a bit clumsy. I can’t do a jelly roll but I sure can sew with one.
    Merry Christmas

  299. Charlotte says:

    I alway put a Pez dispenser in my kids stockings! This made me remember to go buy them:)
    Clunsford at gmail dot com

  300. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I love this gorgeous fabric!

  301. jojoebi says:

    I have never used a jelly roll so this could be my new years challenge.

  302. Madeleine says:

    I will definitely take a look at your shop! Thanks for the giveaway + merry Xmas!

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    This look like so much fun to work with! I need to build my stash with some more bright fabrics. These would certainly help!

  308. Lara says:

    Thank you! Cutting is my downfall, so jelly rolls are great for me!

  309. Jenilyn says:

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    Love the Pez! it’s on my 2012 list to buy.

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  321. karen says:

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  323. Kristie says:

    My husband is currently snoring as I read blogs on the laptop in the dark.

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    I love these prints but I haven’t gotten any yet.

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    Love these prints – and your shop.

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    Ahh! One of my favorites! I’ve got these prints on my list, the one of fabrics I want to buy after I make myself use some of my stash! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  333. Janine says:

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  334. Andrea says:

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    Have a merry Christmas πŸ™‚

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    I would be very happy if I won this.
    Thank you

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    Happy Christmas!

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    Thanks so much for the chance!

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    I love bright and happy colour combinations, to look at and to sew with.
    Your giveaway just hits the nail πŸ™‚

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    I’m loving these fabrics. And jelly rolls are awesome. Now I’m off to check out your etsy store! πŸ™‚

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  359. Heather says:

    So pretty! Going to check out your store.

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  363. Sydney says:

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  370. Maya says:

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    Great giveaway! Those fabrics look like lots of fun!

  373. I love Sandy Klop. Also, I see your Pink Casle everywhere, so good job with your marketing!

  374. Maria Gualdoni says:

    Love it! Please, please, please, let this one be the one I get chosen!!!

  375. tiffany says:

    oh my… those colors are really great! fingers & toes are crossed. thanks for the chance!

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    What! Awesome giveaway! I love your shop, can’t wait for my FMF this March. Thanks again for the discount code, nice to squeeze in a little shopping at this time of year as well!

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  385. Chiska Williams says:

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  387. Tracy J says:

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    lwghosts at yahoo dot com

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  402. Mrs.Pickles says:

    thank you for the chance to win

  403. Kristin PG says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a strip quilt lately; this would be the cutest fabric for it! Add in some solids and it would be just adorable.

  404. Brenda says:

    I’d have fun playing with these fabrics. thanks for the chance to win.

  405. Pat Upton says:

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    Love , Love , Love! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

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    nikkipeachy AT yahoo DOT com

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    I’ve been coveting this very jelly roll. I absolutely must have it, so I’d love to be able to win it:)
    beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

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    lindsay dot forgette at gmail dot com

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  425. Natalija says:

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    alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com

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  428. Oh wow! If I could enter only one giveaway this would be it! I’ve been dying for some mono pez and have been searching for places that have the new line. This is on my Christmas wishlist so I’m crossing my fingers big time!

  429. amy g says:

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  430. Tawny says:

    Merry Christmas!

  431. Paula says:

    This line is so cute! I’m a new follower of your blog and FB page (Paula Lemos) and I’m following you on Pinterest too! I of course I favourite your Etsy shop πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  432. Γ…sa says:

    I love this line! It just makes me happy=) Thanks for the opportunity to win. IΒ΄ll take a look around your shop tomorrow, itΒ΄s way past bedtime here in Sweden.

  433. Rie says:

    Ok, I lOvE, no LoVe that fabric – the design is fab!

  434. aSprinkling says:

    You know, the funniest thing about this…I just looked through your shop for another giveaway and THIS pezzy prints jelly roll was one of two items that I said were my favorites. How great is that?

  435. Very cool fabric that can be used with a lot. Thanks for participating!

  436. presserfootdesigns says:

    Pezzy prints!! Love them! Love Them! Love Them! Thank you for a chance in your giveaway!

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    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!


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  444. Amy says:

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  445. Camille says:

    Anytime I see these prints I immediately want some grape pez. Or orange. Mmmmm…….

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    Oh, is this line cute!! Must have…I’ll be back…Thanks for the give away. (of course I do hope I win.)

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    Love, love, love those pezzy prints. I’ve used them in so many projects I’ve lost count! Thank you for the chance to replenish my stash!

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  458. kathyh says:

    Cool giveaway. Happy holidays to you and yours.

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  460. Bree says:

    Oh fun! This would be great in a postage stamp quilt.

  461. Becky says:

    Oooh – Mono pez!!! So many possibilities!!! Awesome giveaway!

  462. Kristi F says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  463. how are you today? it’s cold in my house and what could be more uplifting than a little quilt made of this fabric? my baby is having her diaper changed and telling a very animated story that isn’t in a dialect any of us understand. life is sweet. thanks for the chance to winn!

  464. Jennie Tracy says:

    That would make such a fun postage stamp quilt! Love your blog, love your shop. Thanks for the giveaway!

  465. Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous jelly roll. I have my fingers crossed!

  466. Jen Richards says:

    Love those wild colors!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  467. What a cool giveaway! I’ve never had any of the pez fabrics before, though I know they’re well loved in blogland, and it’d be a great thing to add into future projects!

  468. Julie says:

    Oh what fun!!!!!!!

  469. Zoe says:

    Yum, the pezzy fabric! Such good stash builders, and so happy!

  470. Connie Jagolinzer says:

    This looks like such fun fabric. Thank you for the chance to win.

  471. I would love some pezzy. thanks for the giveaway.

  472. LucyL says:

    Love the vivid color print! thanks for the giveaway. I hope I win!

    Happy Holidays!

  473. Melissa says:

    Love that print and those colours are fantastic! Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  474. I would love to get a camera that captures motion better than my current. I am so frustrated taking blurry pictures of my nephews playing hockey.

  475. Lisa E says:

    You are so generous. Thanks for the awesome chance to win.

  476. violeta says:

    Awesome prize! Thank you!

  477. Debra L says:

    Pezzy please come home to me!

  478. Ashley Bonner says:

    These fabrics are super fun! I hope I win!

  479. very nice..thanks for your generosity!

  480. Sarah says:

    The last word verification I had to do was butdowel. I thought it was funny. Thanks for the chance to win! ryansarahn at gmail dot com.

  481. Jill B says:

    That’s a very special prize! And I love the snow falling on your site. I miss snow in winter – I’m from Chicago but live in Australia now. No snow!

  482. Deb R says:

    Thanks for the giveaway….I just lurveee jelly rolls!!!

  483. How generous of you! Thanks.

  484. Tiffany says:

    Ooooo love those pezzy prints – this would be a great jelly roll for a fun modern quilt.

  485. Lorri says:

    What a bright, fun print! Thanks for the chance to win!

  486. Gabrielle says:

    Thank you! Can you please include me too?

  487. MissMary says:

    Does anyone actually eat Pez? The dispensers are fun and all, but I’m not so sure about the candy itself…

  488. What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  489. Rachelle says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. This would make a fabulous quilt.

  490. PeachRainbow says:

    Sweet giveaway!
    Thanks for the chance πŸ˜€

  491. Jackie W. says:

    Happy Holidays, thanks for the chance to win!

  492. AnnaPK says:

    I would love to try out a strip quilt!

  493. Shevvy says:

    I’ve never seen this line, so thanks for sharing it.

  494. kimberlee says:

    Merry Christmas!

  495. Sarita says:

    This is a great giveaway! Thanks!!!

  496. Barb B says:

    Your blog’s name in how I feel after a bad time of seam ripping when I make a mistake. Sometimes it would be better to live with the colours in the wrong place then to rip it out again. Thanks for the wonderful prize.

  497. Michelle says:

    I have not yet bought a single Christmas present. Time is ticking….

  498. Shannon says:

    That pattern has such a retro feel. Thanks for participating!

  499. Tanya says:

    Love the pez! Thanks for the giveaway!

  500. Mom C says:

    I’ve been looking at that, it jazzies up everything it is in. It is a great pattern. Thanks.

  501. Karen says:

    Very cool fabrics! Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  502. Joanne says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  503. Dana says:

    Wonderful prize and I love your shop. Thanks for the discount.

  504. Becky says:

    Thank you for the chance at such a lovely giveway. Great prints…

  505. brandy thrasher says:

    Thanks for having the give away!

  506. mugirl113 says:

    what a great giveaway…Thank You!!! This fabric line is amazing and while I have never used a jelly roll I have heard that they are great. πŸ™‚

  507. sntbosch says:

    I love the Pezzie prints!

  508. Kelsey says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    What a fun line of fabric! Thanks for a chance to win.

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    Love those pezzy prints! Thanks!

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    Lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  512. Charlotte says:

    thanks for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!

  513. Jo says:

    Love your prize! The SMS giveaway days are a blast, I am finding alsorts of new blogs to follow and seeing so many wonderful things. Even if I don’t win a single thing it has been well worth my time to visit everyone. Thanks for the chance to win

  514. erin says:

    Love that jelly roll….

  515. Kathy says:

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  516. Clari says:

    I love the pezzy prints! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  517. Erin B says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love Christmas. I do wish it would snow though instead of the rain we’ve been having lately.

  518. linda says:

    great giveaway brenda

  519. Susan says:

    I love these prints – they will jazz up some plain linen bags I want to make.

  520. Julie says:

    Thanks for making it easy. Love the fabric.

  521. Nina says:

    This is a great line, thanks for the give away!

  522. Chancy says:

    Great giveaway and I think I just spotted something in your shop that I must have!

  523. Aww, I just ordered some charm packs of this fabric – a jelly roll would make a great accompaniment, don’t you think?? πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  524. Ellen M. says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  525. Kathryn says:

    Cute prints! Thanks for a chance to win!

  526. Cherie Searles says:

    Love this! Thanks so much for the chance and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  527. Love Pezzy prints thanks for the chance to win!

  528. Kayla says:

    These are so cool! I can’t get over how much I like these prints. I’m dreaming of fun log cabin blocks.

  529. sangeetha says:

    thank you for the giveaway

  530. SS Sews says:

    I’ve never had a jelly roll before!

  531. Amy says:

    Thanks for the chance. Comment? Ok. Kids are asleep and I’m watching the only show that I watch (Modern Family) and eating Nutella and Graham crackers. Awesome.

  532. Heather says:

    My kids are complaining that they are hungry…Can’t they see I’m busy visiting new blogs and entering drawings? What’s more important here? LOL Guess I’d better log off…

  533. Carrie says:

    Love the print – great giveaway!

  534. Jenny Scott says:

    Wow, great giveaway, I love those colors. πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  535. Oooh, this is dangerous- but thank you for the coupon code!!!

  536. Terry says:

    great givaway just right for post Christmas stitching !!!

  537. Amy says:

    it’s snowing on your site! how cute!

    oh, and super giveaway! thanks for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  538. Tina M. says:

    Great pic on fabric giveaway. I love it. Tina M. yelowrozen at yahoo dot com

  539. Heather says:

    The colors on those prints are fantastic!

  540. Beth H says:

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  541. Thanks for the chance at a fantastic giveaway!

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    I do so love those Pez’s. You’ve got great things in your shop I especially the 1/2 moon modern and the Antique Architecture and the Cross-weaves and… ok I like so many of them. You have great taste in fabric. Thanks for being in the giveaway!

  545. beach650 says:

    I don’t have anything thoughtful to say, my brain is stuck on: oooooooh, pretty fabric!

  546. amorette says:

    these are so fun! excellent choice, and thanks for giving one away!

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    Love the fabrics! Hope to see you in a bee again soon!

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  551. Stephanie says:

    My 5 yr old son won his school talent show doing a dance solo dressed as MJ He ROCKED IT!!

    xo Steph

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  553. michelle caldera says:

    cute fabric it is so bright!

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  566. Tammy says:


    Merry Christmas from the UK!

  567. Sarah says:

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  569. crystal says:

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    Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  590. Jodi G. says:

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    Thanks for your giveaway and a chance to win.


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  600. I am having a blast with the moda crossweaves I bought in your shop. The colors are so gorgeous and saturated. Thanks for labeling the colors for me!! : )

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    Thanks for the chance.

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  613. Anne-Marie says:

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  614. Emily says:

    Ooooh, I love the colours! I’ve never worked with a jelly roll before…

  615. nina says:

    i’ve been waiting for these prints! Thank you for the opportunity

  616. Amy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! What a great line of fabrics. And your blog is very nice!

  617. Cammie says:

    Pez! That’s perfect!

  618. Noell says:

    i love this print!

  619. Sheila says:

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  620. laura says:

    A whole jelly roll! What a dream!!! I’d love to quilt those suckers right up! Thanks!

  621. Lisbeth says:

    Oh, that is awesome. I can see so many possibilities for that lovely fabric – thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  622. Carsten Gram says:

    I love the colors.

  623. heather says:

    Oh, I would love to make a quilt from this jelly roll! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  625. Tara says:

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  626. Claire Jain says:

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  627. territhegirl says:

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    TLBRATT at Yahoo dot com

  628. Theresa says:

    I love jelly rolls – all that cutting already done!

  629. Maggie says:

    Wow! How many ways can I say that I love love love love love love Pez fabric? It is truly my favorite-est! What a great giveaway! Plus 10% in the store?! Clearly some shopping lies ahead!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway chance!

  630. Chacoy says:

    fabulous! i am sitting here getting butterflies thinking this could be mine if I win;)
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  631. Nell says:

    If my calculations are correct: slinky + escalator = everlasting fun!

    Figured if I was going to leave a random comment, I should make it a fun one! Love that fabric!

  632. Hahajaney says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  633. Lynne says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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