Kona Challenge was a challenge.

Phew, so I finished my Kona No Prints Allowed Charm Pack Challenge…at the 11th hour, of course.

I had the Classic Charm pack. So, it’s not perfect or the best quilt ever but it’s done. I really like this design but it wasn’t what I had originally thought of. Originally, I wanted to make a school of colorful fish in the water (Kona Lagoon). But the fish blocks I liked were too big for a charm square and I was losing time trying to figure it out. So, I scrapped that idea and went with a new one. I used most of the squares in the charm pack (even the Kona snow, if you can see it) except the gray and brown squares. I had some issues with sewing things wrong since I was in a hurry and there was picking stitches and some choice words my son shouldn’t repeat. I wanted to do more quilting and hand bind it but that didn’t happen. I am calling it done and working on new projects.

I also got my bee blocks done for Erin:

I feel bad that these haven’t been sent out, I think I am the only one she’s waiting on to make her quilt…sorry Erin 😦 I hope you like these! They were a lot of fun to make. She wanted a square in the block and for us to use at least some solid in each block. I love the colors! They are so fresh looking.

Another post tomorrow about my Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap finish 🙂

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