Yet Another Awesome Quilt A Long – Double Wedding Ring

Well, the good news is I am getting a chance to blog. The bad news is it’s because my nose is so stuffed up I can’t sleep. I feel like I’m being suffocated! I took some NyQuil to help the situation but no luck. I’m not coughing anymore so, I have that going for me. But, if this post ends up sounding funny, it’s the medicine…

I worked all day today and got myself caught up on orders for my shop and my friend who is helping with came over this morning to meet about progress. Slow 😦 I was hoping to have it up and running by now but there are still some kinks to work out.

Later, after I finished with my cutting and packaging, I decided to work on my quilt for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild’s No Prints Allowed Challenge. Fail. My idea is not working the way I had hoped. GRRR. I got angry after a few misshapen blocks and decided I needed a rest. (Then the allergies…boo).

But, in happy news there’s another great quilt a long to work on next month! Kaelin over at The Plaid Scottie announced the fabric requirements for her Double Wedding Ring Quilt a Long:
DWR Quilt Along

I just love the scalloped edges on the quilt! (and the button was made by my boyfriend, Jason!) I’m hoping to attempt this quilt as well, but July is shaping up to be busier than June! You should go to her blog and check out the giveaway though. 😉

Kaelin and I put together some bundles we thought would look great in this quilt. This group is mine:

and these are Kaelin’s picks:

I love both of them!

In other news to keep me busy, I was asked to be an All brand ambassador. Which means more cooking 🙂 Hey! We have to eat right? And I’m sure I will have new recipes to share. Until then you can always make some Thick Mint Cookies and tell me what you think…:)

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One Response to Yet Another Awesome Quilt A Long – Double Wedding Ring

  1. Lucinda says:

    Hope it’s coming together for the A2MQG quilt challenge…just a week away. And love both color selections for the double-wedding rings.

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