Cincinnati Quilt Show Weekend Shopping Extravaganza plus new Denyse Schmidt at Jo Ann Fabrics!

Only a few more weeks of school left and I will have more time for blogging and sewing! YAY!

I think I may have finally recovered from all the fabric fun this past weekend. Tong and Sylvia came down from the Great White North to join Lisa and I on our trip to the Quilt Show in Cincinnati. We had a lot of fun! I bought a little too much fabric…maybe…

Okay, so I didn’t buy it all at the quilt show. Friday night the girls and I went on a local shop hop and I picked some up at Guildcrafters. Then on the way down on Saturday we stopped at the Fabric Shack and I could have spent at least $1000 on all the fabrics I wanted. I got a lot of great prints there at amazing prices. It was so packed! Bus tours were stopping there on the way to the show. Then when we got into Cinci we stopped in to see Sewn Studio. It was a really cute little shop and ALL modern fabrics!

Then we got to the hotel! I was already at my fabric budget! LOL. I made this little tote for the show with some Essex linen.

I really wanted something with longer straps to carry easily. I hate purses in my arm pit. It was great practice for the Goodie Bag swap coming up! This little bag was jammed full after the show! And we didn’t even hit all the shops there. I found some really great deals. We also got to meet Heather from the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild who introduced us to the lovely Pat Sloan! Seeing all the impressive quilts reminded me that I am a novice! LOL

We had a great meal after the show and I was able to meet up with a few of my old friend while I was there. Whew! What a trip!

Then I get home and find out that Jo Ann’s is now going to carry a new line by Denyse Schmidt! Of course I had to check it out. My Jo Ann’s had all the prints when I got there. I bought just as many as I had coupons for and decided to come back the next day. Yesterday, they were almost gone! YIKES! So, I was able to get all but 3 prints!

The lady who cut my fabric thought I was crazy. She said the prints are ugly and she can’t believe that some lady came in and bought $700 of it. To each her own I suppose. I think they are great. But, I love that vintagy look. Sigh, too bad that crazy lady bought so much! Now I must be on the look out for the other 3 prints!

On the fabric note, I picked up a bolt that was on back order for my shop:

I love this newspaper print! It would make a really fun pouch!

Now, I’m off to finish my last item for my Make Mine Modern swap partner!

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5 Responses to Cincinnati Quilt Show Weekend Shopping Extravaganza plus new Denyse Schmidt at Jo Ann Fabrics!

  1. Lucinda says:

    Hi Brenda – I had a great time at the quilt show too — but I really loved SEWN – wish I could own one of those! It’s just what I love about sewing and being creative and teaching others.
    Your bag is cute, too.
    See you soon!

  2. stitchsister says:

    Hey ~ I was at the Cincinnati quilt show too. It was just the beginning of a nice long vacation week. I didn’t get to do any fabric shopping though – should have checked out Sewn. Darn.

    BTW, I love the shot of the baby chilling in the background. Cute, cute, cute.

    • LOL thanks, he was only sort of sitting still..

      Sewn should have a website up soon the one of the ladies there was telling me. It made me want to open a store like that here in Ann Arbor. 🙂

  3. Open the store!!! I’m originally from Ann Arbor and it so needs a modern quilt fabric store! My friends from A2 are still not up to speed with all the great fabrics out there because of lack of a good store. Too bad you didn’t get all the DS prints, the lady that cut your fabric is the one that is crazy. The prints are so beautiful!!!

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