Pants on Fire

Remember in my last post when I said I wasn’t going to start any new projects? Well, um…I meant after one more…

I realized after I took this picture that it’s upside down. Whoops. Well, I have an excuse for starting a new project. You see, I am going to the in-laws tonight and I can’t bring my machine so I wanted to have this done so I can work on the hand embroidery. And, I had the idea in my head and I finally picked out some fabrics and I wanted to see what it looks like. I just wanted to okay! 😀
In my defense, I did finish a project last night. I will take some pictures of it today, hopefully. I think it turned out quite lovely.

Also, I decided to get on the hexie train and start making some with my fabric scraps. I have no plans for them, yet but I figure I can just have them on hand for embellishing projects and swaps.

I love how they look in my Ball jar!

I also should show you some of the fabric I picked up the other day. I see everyone finding good stuff hidden at Jo Ann’s so I decided to try my luck.

I found this bundle, the best of the lot. I can add it to my 1930s reproduction collection. I think I found a cool pattern to use for them but i need a LOT more 🙂 This print was so cute I had to buy the bunch:

Aunt Grace Fabric

I’m going to a new quilt shop today. Wish me good fabric finds!

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2 Responses to Pants on Fire

  1. froggyleggs says:

    oh i cant wait to see what you hand embroider on the block! Ive been good and avoided JoAnn’s ALLLL week! I can’t believe it!

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