SE Michigan Crafter’s Meetup

Last night LeeAnn and I went to the SE Michigan Carfter’s Meetup in Ann Arbor. What a fun night! It was great to meet some other sewists in the area and potential Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild members!

Thanks so much to Rae and Pattern’s by Figgy for putting it on. Yes, yes I got to meet Rae, a blog-land celebrity! 🙂 We met up at the Blue House which is a fun place where locals sell handmade items. Wow they have some nice stuff for sale. Lots of talent in Ann Arbor. I worked on a wallet pattern I’m hoping to perfect with some solids and some new applique patterns I made. They didn’t turn out as awesome as I had hoped but I figured out the measurements for next time. I’ll have to take some pictures of them tomorrow when there’s light. But here are the appliques I used:

1. Mod Mushroom Applique, 2. T Bone Steak Applique, 3. Cat’s Eye Glasses, 4. Glasses Applique, 5. Mustache Applique
You can buy them in my Etsy shop! 🙂

I have lots of sewing I want to get done this week but homework comes first and I have a project for my Android app writing class that I need to get done. I have classes Tuesday’s for 6 hours from 4pm to 10pm and now I’m just exhausted. Hopefully, this post made sense! LOL!

OH! And for those of you at the meet-up last night who wanted the recipe for my “Thick Mint” Chocolate Chip cookies you can find it HERE! Enjoy!

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