Envelope Style Diaper and Wipes Case/Clutch Tutorial

Happy Sunday! Hey, are you bored? Are you itching to make a fun and useful project that you can finish this afternoon? Do you know 100 ladies (okay, like 5) who are pregnant like I do? If so, this is the tutorial for you!

I did some searching for diaper and wipes cases and I really didn’t find any I like. The tall envelope cases seem like it would be a big pain to stuff the diapers in. This one makes it easier to stuff. And with a few changes (maybe a magnetic snap instead of Velcro) you can use it as a clutch for yourself.

2 17″ x 12″ pieces of fabric (one for the outside, one for the inside)
2 17″ x 12′ pieces of light – med fusible interfacing
2-3″ of hook and loop (Velcro) I use the stitch in kind.
Sewing Machine and some pins

Step 1 Gather and cut your materials. It’s best to use non-directional prints but if you do it’s best to use prints that go the same way as the width of the fabric. I like a sturdier case so I use 2 pieces of interfacing but you can use just one if you prefer. I use the fusible kind in a light-med weight. Also, I use the stitch in Velcro and not the fusible kind because I want this to be able to withstand the wear of many many diaper changes. It’s a little more work but worth it.

Step 2 Iron the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of your fabrics. If you are only using one piece of interfacing, fuse it to the outside fabric.

Step 3 Cut both pieces of fabric into an envelope shape by trimming off at an angle 3″ in and 5″ down (see photos above).

Step 4 Okay, now for the Velcro. Pin the hook side (the prickly one) of the Velcro about 2″ up and centered on the bottom of the outside fabric. Then pin the loop side (the soft one) of the Velcro 1.2″ down and centered on the inside fabric. You are doing this on the right sides of the fabrics. (See photos above)

Step 5 Sew on the Velcro (I used a contrasting thread for the tutorial so you could see but you can use a matching thread.)

Step 6 Place the right sides of the fabrics together so they match up and sew a 1/4″ seam around the edges leaving a 3-4″ hole at the bottom for turning. I used thread that you couldn’t see so I made blue lines where the thread is in Photoshop for ease of viewing. Trim your corners.

Step 6 Turn your case right side out using the hole we left in the bottom and push out the corners, I use a chopstick. Press it so that it lays flat.

Step 7 Topstitch the bottom closed. I use 2 stitched lines to be fancy.

Step 8 With the right side facing you, fold the bottom edge up to the point where your fabric starts to taper in (see photo). Then stitch up the sides with a 1/4″ seam. Make sure you backstitch at the top and bottom for strength.

Step 9 Topstitch around the top edge if you want to be fancy.

Step 10 Now turn your pocket right side out and press! Fill it up with diapers and wipes and enjoy! 🙂

Nice Job! You’re Awesome!

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