Another day, another block

Woo HOO! I’m so excited! I finally got some new fabric in and opened my new Etsy shop! There isn’t a lot in there yet but there’s more coming! If you enter the code BlogPost I will give 15% off to celebrate my new store! 🙂

I finally finished my 3rd block for Blogger’s Block-a-Palooza:

Quilt Dad

Block #3

It’s kinda fun to see the different ways people make the flying geese. And I must say the tutorials on the block have been easy to follow. It makes the blocks a lot less intimidating. And, of course, there’s a new block out today…

I also forgot to show you pics of this little pouch I whipped up to hold my colored pencils. I can’t decide if the horse heads are creepy or cool…

The fabric is from a home dec sample book. I have a ton and I think they would all make great pouches. Now, I just need to have a use for 100 pouches… 🙂

I also got a good picture of another project I’m working on using Sandi Henderson’s Meadowsweet. I really wish I had more prints from this line. I think they all look so nice together. And I have to say I love the “vintagey” look of this line. Between this and Nicey Jane and some of the other new lines I’m going to have to redecorate!

And I also finished my first mermaid embroidery last night! What a productive few days! I have another mermaid in the Aunt Martha’s pack that I want to start next. They really are fun to do while watching TV at night (lately catching up on Psych on Netflix!), kinda like coloring for adults. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. Pillows? A wall hanging? Mini quilt? Have any ideas?

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