Baby Gifts! Yay!

Whew! It was down to the wire finishing the baby gifts for the shower I went to on Saturday. But, I think they turned out quite nice! I finished up the baby bibs:

I really like the one with the Urban Circus elephants. It’s such a great print!

I also made her a diaper and wipes case:

I really like the way it turned out. I used interfacing on both the front and the inside fabrics and it’s nice and sturdy. I think I’m going to make up a tutorial on how to make it, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries already.

And my boyfriend helped me cut out and make these cute little onsies:

The patterns for the appliques are here and here. They really made easy and cute gifts. I mean, I was going to give her a pack of onsies already, I may as well make them cute! 🙂

Other than that I didn’t get to do any sewing yesterday 😦 We went out to lunch with Jason’s (the boyfriend) parents and then it took me forever to get my homework done due to downloading all the stuff to make Android apps onto my computer and then having to troubleshoot that forever. Sigh. And it’s still not working properly. So, I’m off to take advantage of the rest of naptime to work on a quilt!

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