RUN, don’t walk to the nearest Jo-Ann’s.

First – Print this Coupon for 20% off your purchase.
Second – Go to JoAnn Fabrics
Third – Pick out some Kona for 40% off
Fourth – Use your coupon and get another 20% off that!

**Sale ends tomorrow 1-22-11**

Mine ended up about $3.35/yard :O !

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow so I decided to try my hand at making baby bibs. These are inspired by the Best Bib by JCasa Handmade. She posted pictures on her blog and I thought how handy those would be! We go through bibs at least one or two (sometimes 3) a day depending on how messy mealtimes are. And they are SO cute! So, I didn’t end up buying a pattern, I tried to figure it out on my own. I made this one as a tester (it’s all washed and crinkly).

It turned out not too bad. Although, it’s a bit too big and the neck could be swoopier… So, I adjusted the pattern a bit and made these with some materials I had on hand and some of the delightfully cheap inexpensive Kona I just bought.

I quilted them during nap time today but I still have to add some ties and wash them before tomorrow. That will have to wait until after dinner though. I’m going to also applique some onesies I bought and make her a diaper and wipes case so I have my work cut out for me tonight.

I really want to start cutting into the fabrics I chose for the Don’t Call Me Betsy’s Sliced Coin Quilt-a-long. However, I have to finish the presents first and I’m making myself finish the other quilt I’m working on first.

Off to play blocks before dinner!

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