Rectangle Squared Quilt

I wanted to stop in and show off the work I’ve done on the Rectangle Squared Quilt that I’m making Using a tutorial from Film in the Fridge. I absolutely love how it’s turning out!

I got a little more done today during nap time that I will have to show off tomorrow when the sun is out again. What a great quilt! I really love the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow prints. They pop next to the white sashing. I want to get some of the plaid print for the backing as soon as it’s in stock again.

In other news, the animal in the wall was a small bird. It was safely removed by my boyfriend and his friends this Saturday. Whew! And it was just in time for my birthday party that night. It was a great time! I got a new board game, Pandemic. It is awesome. It’s a collaborative game where you try to rid the world of 4 diseases. Buy it if you are into board games.

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