Birthday Fabrics!

WOOOO! I love fabric deals! I went to Ann Arbor Sewing Center yesterday to pick out some fabrics for my birthday. They give a great 30% off on all fabric on your birthday so I HAD to take advantage of it… 🙂

I picked up some Modern Meadow and some California Dreamin’ that I think work together for my next project using this tutorial. I have a few other scraps from the Modern Meadow that I got in my scrap pack from Hawthorne threads! I like the Picnic Plaid for the backing I think. I can’t wait to order some.

I bought this Pat Bravo from Filigree because I thought it would go with the fabrics above but I decided it didn’t after I got home.

Into the stash it goes!

And I got a hold of a few adorable prints from the Nicey Jane collection. I LOVE everything in this line. It reminds me of the cushions in my great Aunt Sissy’s house. I loved sitting out there in her back yard.

I wish they would have had more available! I would have bought them all. Well, I suppose I will have to be on the lookout for deals.

On a not so awesome note, there is an animal of some sort trapped in the vent behind our over-the-stove microwave! It is seriously freaking me out. I’m having my boyfriend and his friends move their guy’s night gaming to our house tonight so the boys can figure out what to do with it. There’s silence and then all of a sudden metal scratching coming from inside my wall. Seriously! NOT COOL! GET OUT! I know the poor animal is most likely scared and wants out. But, that thing is going to be ANGRY when it gets out! I hope they all have rabies shots…

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1 Response to Birthday Fabrics!

  1. Holly says:

    What a fun fabric that Pat Bravo print is! Quilthome is another good site for deals, they are my weakness, lol.

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