Busy Weekend

I’m kinda glad the weekend is over now. I got no sewing done! I spent all yesterday cleaning and cooking and entertaining. (We had friends over for dinner last night.) I made a roast chicken with glazed carrots, spinach and biscuits from scratch. And chocolate lava cakes for dessert. The dinner was the easy part, the cleaning was an all day event and not as much fun. But I did get a chance to steam clean and vacuum all the floors and it all looks nice still today. And I have to keep it that way for my birthday party next weekend. I will be 32 on Wednesday. Weird.

Saturday we got a new couch and table for our living room. I feel like it looks like a room now. World Market is having a big sale 🙂

I’m going to fill the glass jars with terrariums. And the throw pillows go on the other couch so I need new ones now. But, I like how our living room is coming together!

And I finished the top of the Christmas table runner I’m making for my mom. I was hoping to get it quilted this weekend but, no luck. Maybe tonight!
Here it is in progress:

I can’t believe that school starts again tomorrow too! Man, my time is going to be so thin for quilting 😦

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