Boo For the Stomach Bug :(

While we were at my parent’s house last week my son and his father both caught the stomach bug that’s going around. It was awful both of them sick at the same time. We ended up staying an extra day for them to recover. Then we get home (and there’s so much to unpack and do) and I get sick! LAME! Last night I finally felt better and got enough unpacked that I could sew. I forgot to show you these Moda ZaZa fabrics that I picked up on sale in Ohio:

I’m not sure what I’m going to use them for, yet. But I loved the colors. Maybe a backing?

Also, while in Ohio I went through some of my mom’s fabrics and grabbed some that I can use. I know Christmas is over now but we are celebrating again in July when my brother and sister and their families can be in town. My mom had lots of little Christmas prints that I’m going to use for a table runner for her. I cut up some squares for HST the other night. I couldn’t sleep and turned on some episodes of Soap on Netflix. Remember that show? I’m too young to have seen it the first time around but I remember watching reruns as a child. What a great show. I’m not sure if I have enough squares yet for the table runner. I’ll post pics after I press them and put them out on my table. I also got this strange fabric that my sister was going to use to re-cover a chair. I think it’s a sheet but I have no idea where it’s from. It’s pretty trippy but I like the snails.

I finished my 1st baby quilt top finally, which I am now going to call the Strippy Baby quilt:

Now I have 2 tops that I need to quilt. I’m a bit of a chicken to mess them up. I think I might start on the Strippy one because it’s fabrics from JoAnns that aren’t awesome. Then I won’t be as upset if I mess up. Then I made one of the door snakes that I have been promising my boyfriend that I will make to keep our house warmer. I used this tutorial.
I still have to make one for the back door. Man, it’s a big fat snake though! I used a whole bag of navy beans for weights and stuffed it with old clothes. Too small underwear to be exact (they were clean! and not gross).

Why did I have a dream last night that I was hanging out with Steven Colbert? He invited me to some party. I’m pretty sure he would be hilarious to hang out with in real life.

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