Cut Cut Cut

Yesterday, I made a trip to the quilt fabric shop and picked up some sale fat quarters and a few yards to coordinate in a zig zag quilt. I decided to take 6 of the fat quarters I got in the grab bag and try out a zig zag quilt.

The fabrics really aren’t my style (more country than the modern that I like) but I think the blues will go well together. I wanted to find a coordinating solid but nothing really went well. But, one of the nice ladies at the shop helped me find this fabric that looks great with all of them!

I also picked out some sale fat quarters for another baby quilt top. These guys I think I’m going to use for a baby quilt. I really liked the turtles and the others looked matchy.

So, I’m making all these quilt tops but I haven’t quilted any of them. From what I understand, I have to get either a Free Motion/Darning foot for my machine or a walking foot so the fabrics don’t bunch up. After a conversation with the ladies at the store I choose the Free Motion foot. I know that it will take me more practice to use successfully but they say they rarely use the walking foot for quilting. And it was half the price…

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