Stash Building

So, suffice it to say, I have no stash.  Well, I have a small stash of fabrics.  There’s:
– a cotton pig one that I think my mom made boxers from in the 1990’s
– a few yards of a black stretchy material I thought I was going to make a dress from years ago
– some silky black patterned with girls in poodle skirts with poodles
– some white and pink and orange pop floral that I was going to make a knitting needle case with
– 2 fat quarters of California Dreamin
– and some random others from Jo-Ann’s for the quilt and pillows that were on sale
And that was it.  OH!  And some upholstery fabric samples i got from The Scrap Box.

I say “was” because I bought 10 fat quarters and a yard of Kona White (to finish the baby quilt #1 – still nameless) at the Ann Arbor Sewing Center tonight.  The nice ladies there answered a barrage of questions and were so polite about it even though I think they wanted me to leave so they could close and go home. **If anyone knows what that wavy orange one is I’d like to know to buy more**

I decided to start a new project today instead of finishing the coasters from yesterday. I whipped up this little diaper and wipes clutch:

The Floppy Case

I don’t really like it. Well, I like the birdie fabric but, it’s all floppy and my stitching looks weird. I talked to the nice ladies about it and they told me I need to mess with the tension on my machine and next time use interfacing (something else to learn about 🙂 ). It was good practice, I know 3 pregnant ladies to make some for in the near future. Who knows, maybe I will bless them with something from my stash…

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