Hello world!

Being a programmer I have to leave the title “hello world” for my first post!


All set up and ready to sew!

Six years ago or so, I bought this machine, a Husqvarna Viking Iris, excited to learn to sew.  Soon after that I moved and half the pieces (including the plug and manuals) were put in a bag, in a separate box and put in a separate place at my parents’ house.  Finally, after all these years, the box was brought to me at my new house and my Iris is back together again!

Now, I’m a stay at home mom, we just bought a house and I have room and time to sew!  I have decided to learn to quilt.  Well, I guess I learned already in 7th grade home ec.  I made a pillow with a ruffly edge (very ugly, it was 1989…).  But I see all these beautiful modern quilts and all the gorgeous designer fabrics that are out now.  Those are the kind of quilts I want to make!

First!  Reading instructions and making sure this thing works…

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